digital media engagement

Digital Media and Engagement

In the last couple years, new digital media publications have been popping onto the scene with intensity. We’ve seen print magazines and dailies frequently revamp, re-brand and work continuously to be more interactive, engaging and immediate.

You know Today we all participate in online experiences and interact with content that is up-to-the-minute, interactive, beautiful and personally relevant. There have been major shifts in reader expectations, journalistic tools and publishing business models.

After all These changes, aided by technology, have been driven by changes in reader behavior: we grab the iPad or smartphone when we wake up to browse the morning’s headlines, listen to podcasts of news shows and catch the replay of that clip everyone is talking about. And while there were obvious growing pains across the media landscape in the early stages of digital technology, the industry is clearly rebounding.

Success for these companies, however, is not judged by page views, number of comments or shares. These are some of the most respected names in the business — some hundred year-old companies and other young upstarts — that use technology to strengthen and fortify the relationship with readers and build trust in the brand. The media landscape has upped its game. So, what is working across this digital media landscape?

Today with digital, we can experience articles, watch video clips — hear the sounds and see the highlights. Heck, we have options to listen to individually curated playlists to accompany our morning scans of the headlines. Yet, the brands that can match that incredible digital content with an equally appealing human element — they will be the ones who thrive.

Today’s news content is phenomenal in its own right and when it is paired with a card-stock mailed invitation to attend a members-only event with a publication’s award-winning photojournalist, an opportunity for a long-lasting reader relationship is opened.

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